Brittney Griner is HOME!!!!!

Brittney Griner is home!!!!  Wrongfully detained WNBA Superstar is officially back on US soil after the US and Russia agreed to a prisoner swap.  The US swapped Viktor Bout, a convicted arms dealer who was serving 25 years for Griner.  Brittney is currently in Texas getting medical testing done before heading home to her family, friends and teammates.  Congratulations Brittney!

It's "Primetime" in Colorado!

Deion Sanders has officially become the Head Coach at the University of Colorado. Colorado sent out the press release about Deion accepting the position on December 3rd.  At Jackson St, Deion compiled a record of 27 - 5 and won back to back Southwestern Athletic Conference Championships.  He also went undefeated this season with a 12 - 0 record, and a 43 - 24 win over Southern University yesterday to bring home the title again.  Congratulations to Coach Prime on the new job!  We wish you the best.  

AFC Playoffs

The AFC East looks like the division that has it all together.  With every team 2 games above .500 or better, the wise bet would be the AFC SuperBowl representatives would come from this division.   Then you have to remember that the KC Chiefs, LA Chargers, Baltimore Ravens, and the Tennessee Titans are all very much in the mix.  The AFC Playoff picture, as of today looks like this: 1) Kansas City Chiefs 2) Miami Dolphins  3) Tennessee Titans 4) Baltimore Ravens 5) Buffalo Bills 6) Cincinnati Bengals 7) NY Jets Once again, I know a lot can happen in 5 games, and this list is far from finanalized.  Who are you picks for the AFC playoff representatives?  Who is going take it all the way to the Superbowl?

NFC Playoffs

I think it is safe to say the NFC East is back.  If the playoffs were to start today the entire NFC East would be in the playoffs.  It would be In this order: 1) Philadelphia Eagles 2) Minnesota Vikings 3) San Francisco 49ers 4) Tampa Bay Bucs 5) Dallas Cowboys 6) NY Giants 7) Washington Commanders I know we still have 5 games to go in the season, and a lot can happen in 5 games, but the NFC East is dominating again.   Now, which one of these teams is favored to represent the NFC in the Superbowl?  Or is there a team out there that you think can make a run? 

DC AG Files Lawsuit against Snyder, the NFL and Commissioner Goodell

DC AG Karl Racine is filing a civil lawsuit against the Washington Commanders, owner Dan Snyder, the National Football League and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stating  they collectively lied about allegations of a hostile work environment and workplace harassment and that Snyder was not only aware of those issues, but "encouraged and participated" in it.   Racine gave us a few quotes: "We're standing up for DC residents who were repeatedly lied to and deceived" "The Attorney General's office reviewed thousand of internal documents and emails uncovering clear wrongdoing of D.C. residents and their consumer rights" Its safe to say D.C. is no longer putting up with Dan Snyder and Roger Goodell's sh*t.  Good for them.

Dwight Howard signs on with the Leopards

Dwight Howard just signed a deal with the Taoyuan Leopards of the T1 league in Taiwan.  Basketball in Taiwan is a very popular and Howard is just one of many US and European Stars playing in the league.  The Leopards are one of the 6 teams in the league.  Good Luck to Dwight this season.

Saturday in As Interim HC

Former Colts C Jeff Saturday is now the new Interim Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts.  Saturday had no experience as a Head Coach in both the Pro or Collegiate ranks.  He takes over a team that is sitting in 2nd place in the AFC South with a record of 3-5-1.  Will Saturday be the spark the Colts need?  It really can't get any worse. Now the only question is who is going to call the plays?