Carson Wentz vs Taylor Heinicke: Whose team is it?

QB controversies are easy to navigate when you are behind the keyboard and dont have all the information, but hey, lets see if we can stir up some mess.  

Carson Wentz led the team to a 2-4 record with an abysmal offensive showing every game.  Carson beat the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Chicago Bears (the game he broke his finger) and lost to the Detroit Lions, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, and the Tennessee Titans.  Taylor Heinicke has a 2-0 record beating the Green Bay Packers and Indianapolis Colts.  

It appears the team plays harder for Taylor Heinicke than it does for Carson Wentz.  Is that because of play design and calls or is it work ethic.  I have not heard of any dislike in the locker room for either player, nor have I heard of any animosity between the 2 QB's.  Both men have good and bad attributes about them, but the question remains, once Carson comes off IR, which QB is going to be the starter?  I say you always stick with the hot hand...


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